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Direct connection to your operator

Webfood - Sistema

With WebFood you have a direct , real-time connection with your operator, providing agility in processes and requests.

Why use WebFood?

  • For more than five years helping clients and operators to manage orders for coffee, snacks and special events;

  • Agility and transparency in the execution of orders;

  • Effectiveness in delivering orders;

  • Time reduction in order management;

  • Reduction of risks , losses and costs of the entire process;

  • Improvement in the relationship with the client;

  • Monitoring your order in real time .

Orders | closure
100% online

Webfood - Pedidos

Manage and organize all your

orders on a unified platform   and make closings

in less time!


Meet the WebFood

Save even more time!

Order management and inquiry panel

View in real time all orders with detailed history of requests, changes and cancellations and content always updated about the services offered by your operator for each customer, such as coffee breaks, snacks, meals and special events.


Access reports on back orders, meal reservations, consumption, billing and satisfaction surveys.

Administrative center

Access all registrations, departments, service hours, processes, products and units.


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